Most of us are not unfamiliar with car junks. All of us have seen a junk car on someone`s property that starts to deteriorate. We have observed that the old and deteriorating vehicles damage the appearance of the property. It is one of the reasons why we need to contact junk cars Des Moines. Instead of having damaged and not function vehicles on our property, it is best to remove them and earn from them. It is a wise and excellent idea to maintain the physique of our abode and earn at the same time. Old and junked cars can help us in so many ways. By selling them, we can have funds that will help us in purchasing another vehicle. Aside from that, we can buy groceries and other supplies with the money we get from selling our cars.  



Today, it is not hard to contact the best junk car buyer that can offer high prizes. We can access them through their webpage and read reviews about their services offered. When we exert efforts and spend time to know the people that will work with us, we have an assurance that we will not experience trouble. We will never worry about the quality of their services since we have seen pieces of evidence that they offer only the best!  


Aside from knowing everything about the car junk buyer, we also need to discover the facts and figures about junking a car. In that way, we can assure ourselves that we are doing the right things. Here are the facts and figures about junking a vehicle: 

  • In the United States, the car recycling industry is one of the top industries. It shows that the junk car industry is not small and covers a large portion of the economy. It provides at least 25 billion every year in the GDP of the state.  
  • When we talk about employment, the car recycling industry employed 100,000 people per year. With these numbers, they pay at least 25 billion for these people. Also, you can find at least 7,000 facilities that will take care of your junk cars. 
  • Did you know that the automobile recycling industry is not new in the industries? Research shows that the first recycled car was around 1943. It is an old industry that marks 75 years old.  
  • One of the most recycled items in the United States today is the car. Research shows that over 12 million recycled cars are present in the market. And this number keeps on rising as time passes.  
  • Auto recycling helps in saving millions of oil barrels every year. It helps minimize the demands for oils that we use for making new car parts.  
  • We cannot recycle all parts of your car. Only 80% of your vehicle are recyclable, and the rest are not. The ferrous, fabric, paper, glass, metal pieces, and many more are not recyclable. Remember to set your standards and approximate the prize if you want to sell your car.  


Furthermore, ensure that the junk car buyers you want to contact will not give you unreasonable prices. They must offer real and justifiable amounts for your junk cars.