There are many reasons your roof is leaking. However, if you are trying to debug which problem source has caused your roofing to leak, there here are some of the most common causes:  



  1. Broken roofing shingle 


If you are trying to spot the leak source, this may be the easiest cause to spot. When a leak breaks into your living area, make sure to check your roofing shingles first. This is easy to spot because the shingle of your roofing system is the outermost and most visible part of a home’s roof. When there’s a missing shingle on your roof, it can be identified right away. This brings a vulnerability to your roofing system because it shields the inner parts of your roofing system and structure. If you had encountered a storm the previous days before you noticed a leak, then it may be due to a flown shingle by the storm that passed.  



  1. Improperly sealed valleys 


The valleys in your roofing system are also very easy to spot. When you draw a roof, I’m pretty sure you are drawing it in a triangular shape, where two planes are meeting in an inclined and diagonal manner. The connection and the valleys need to be properly sealed to avoid leakage problems; however, when sealing was not properly installed, problems can arise starting from this. Again, leakage may be the primary effect.  


  1. Ice dam 


If you are wondering what an ice dam is, it is simply a buildup of ice formed on a roof’s edge. When this happens, it can be very difficult for the roof to drain the melted ice in the middle part of the roofing when the roof is heated, and all the ice starts to melt. This challenge leads to the pooling of water in the middle of your roofing system, which also leads to problems with the structure of the roofing system due to the weight of the roof.  


  1. Clogged gutters 


If you have always been told to clean the gutters of your roofing system, then you should have complied. A clogged gutter is a recipe for disaster. It should not be the trend for granted because it leads to various roofing problems and leakage issues. When a roof’s gutter is clogged, the water has nowhere to go, and it will start to pool around the roofing itself. This becomes more problematic to roofs that are flat or low in slope.   


Taking care of a roof can become a tedious task, especially for homeowners who are always busy or bombarded with work even after the weekdays. More than work, it may steal more time from family bonding hours and may become a catalyst for busy weekends as well. Weekends should be for family, and you should not be constantly alarmed because of roofing issues. Rely on professionals on roofing and call a roofing contractor for help for every roofing concern. You can always visit the website for instant help on the way.